Monday, 19 November 2012

The best of the Christmas catalogues...

Ah it's been a while and apologies for that - time has mostly been spent wedding planning and getting married. Back to normal now and a nice easy one to get me back into it...

You may have noticed that Christmas is nearly upon us and whilst the Santa's Grottos have been set up since September in some shops, the high street and eCommerce world have really stepped it up a notch in the last couple of weeks. And so I thought I would sift through the many mini-catalogues that have come with my various magazine subscriptions and pick out my favourite items to share with you.

1. Bodie and Fou's New-York Wall Light - Black & Copper 
I love this design - pure and simple lines, chic and effortless. This would look as good in an industrial style kitchen as it would in a modern living room. Use a pair as bedside table lights or just one over a desk.

2. The White Company's Tuscany Velvet Cushions 

Cushions can often make a place looked a bit cluttered, especially when they're full of pattern. These have a beautiful texture which creates interest with just one hue.

3. Anthropologie Pie Crust Dinnerware
So many interesting objects of desire in Anthropologies Christmas catalogue but whilst we're on the subject of texture, their Pie Crust tableware collection is so gorgeous I could never get bored of looking at it. I have one plate in grey at home on the wall but would love a whole set in white once the kitchen is complete.

4. Toast's Festoon Lights
Such a change from the traditional fairy lights - they'd look great as garden lights all year round but I'm not sure how resilient they would be against the British weather.

5.'s Personalised Feather Baubles

My husband and I have always bought each other a special bauble every Christmas so that when we're old we will have a tree filled with memories. These personalised baubles from NOTHS are simple and elegant, one would be lovely but so would a family set!

Until next time x

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