Friday, 3 February 2012

Creating a Modern Retro look

Belated happy new year! Unintentionally I had a blogging break in January, to work on coursework and projects for friends.

Anyway I'm back now and extremely happy that so is my favourite TV programme - Mad Men.

Like many people, I am in love with this stylish show and still find it fascinating how authentic the set and the cast look to the retro era in which it is set.

I am hoping to re-decorate our living room/den at some point this year, and I would love it to have a retro theme. Here is what it may look like:
1. Diamantini & Domeniconi Snap Clock (; 2. London table lamp (; 3. Pottinger + Cole Checkpoint Mirror (; 4. Knoll Florence Knoll cabinet (; 5. Forte Table (; 6. Quentin Armchair (; 7. Neilsen 3 seater sofa (

Whilst there are lots of places to buy vintage furniture, you can create a vintage look with a modern feel through new pieces available. It comes down to choosing the right shape and colours. Danish furniture was a popular choice in the 50s and 60s with its simple yet functional and comfortable designs, and the influence is still strong in some modern ranges. Teak was the wood of choice and moss green, navy blue, warm browns and mustard yellow were a popular palette for colour.

Once you've achived this, kick-back and enjoy an Old Fashioned... Don Draper style!

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